A new step in inventory accounting is WMS-system

A distinctive feature of our company is the introduction of new technologies, innovations and optimization of existing work. Another confirmation of this is the introduction of the WMS system into the work of the logistics department.

What is it and why is an important event in the work as the logistics department and the company as a whole?

WMS-system is used to optimize the business processes of warehouses. The implementation of WMS allows you to plan automatically and control warehouse operations, as well as centrally manage them.

WMS-system provides:

  • the ability to create automatic dispatch of tasks for personnel in the warehouse
  • real-time inventory accounting
  • accounting of stocks in a given period of time
  • storage of goods at certain addresses
  • accounting of lots of goods;
  • control of equipment and personnel;
  • the ability to integrate with barcode reader systems.


As a result, we get more efficient and accurate work of warehouse staff. Now we have:

  • Faster collection of goods. Now there is no need to search for goods by warehouse
  • Reduction of regrading. Goods are selected from a specific cell, and it is already difficult to confuse
  • Staff downtime reduction. Time tracking each operation.
  • Clear objective motivation of employees. You can calculate how many operations were performed by each employee

The main thing that gives the warehouse management system – is the address storage of goods and full control of the warehouse!