“Friendly” maternity hospitals: a project about the important.

At the end of July, at the initiative of the Healthcare Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, a marathon “Friendly maternity  hospitals to the family” was held in Minsk maternity hospitals! For a week the maternity hospitals of Minsk opened their doors so that future mothers could directly and “from the inside” see the place where that innermost and mysterious miracle takes place – the birth of a baby, could get acquainted with those who will help their babies to be born, and tuned in trust relationships with obstetricians.

During the week of “Friendly maternity hospitals” more than 25 experienced doctors and experts told and answered questions about how to prepare for the birth of children, about the health of the mother and baby, about proper care for the baby, fatherhood, sexual life during and after pregnancy, care for the beauty of the future mother, baby food ration and many other things. Thanks to a special organized excursion, future parents were able to learn not only about the specifics of each of the maternity hospitals, but also got the opportunity to “practically” choose the maternity hospital where their children will appear. The events were attended by 840 future mothers, as well as their husbands, relatives and older children.

Our brands of children’s cosmetics Bubchen and accessories for children NUK also took an active part in this project! As part of the event, future mothers received qualified information about our products, learned how to properly care for a newborn baby, and what nipples or pacifier you need to choose so that the child will have the correct bite and dazzling smile in the future!

We also organized a unique photozone “What is it inside”, in which future mothers could take a photo with the “photo of the baby” corresponding to the duration of her pregnancy.

The event has definitely become very useful for all of its participants, but, most importantly, not only useful, but also very enjoyable!