How to learn to work cohesively in a team, or the story of a kayak trip!

In summer, you want a bright sun, warm wind and space – always open. Internal striving for active rest reached its maximum, and on the first free evening our team decided not to miss the opportunity to have fun and went to conquer the open spaces, this time water: kayak trip – it is ideal for hot summer evening!

Julia Tarasevich, internet marketing specialist, shared her impressions:

“For each of our team, the kayak trip was a debut! We listened very carefully to the most important person that evening – the Instructor. The main things were learned on the land: how to hold the paddle, how to turn right and left, how to swim back and forth, and – most importantly, how not to strike the neighbor’s paddle. Full of confidence that we are the best “kayakers” in the world, went to conquer the water element!

It turned out that everything isn’t so simple. There was no wish to turn over on the kayak, so it was important to listen and hear your partner because it was up to us to decide where we were going and how quickly we were doing it.

It was so exciting to feel that it was getting better and better! And as soon as synchronous action were smoothly running, we began to get real pleasure from the beauty around! Now we are seriously thinking about a two-day kayak trip … Another element was conquered!”