Mozgobattle at ATL

February 23, our office witnessed a real battle – fortunately, intellectual one – and that besides traditional  congratulations of male workers upon the Defender’s Day.

The Brainbattle dedicated to the celebration started in the morning. Our ‘defenders’ enjoyed the game a lot and expressed a desire to do it again! The gentlemen demonstrated the wittiness, power and desire to win, while the ladies cheered them up. The game has shown that there are only the most responsible, intelligent and aspired people among our team members!

We address the gentlemen following our company’s life! Please, accept our congratulations upon the truly men’s celebration – the Defender’s Day! May nothing disturb your families and deprive of peace and quietness. May your home  be blessed with love, joy and consent. May all your colleagues and partners value the honor and reliability of your friendship. Keep calm, reach the heights, broaden your horizons!