Strategic session 2019

Every year in March, ALT holds a strategic session. It summarizes the previous year of the company’s “life” and plans for the next year. This session is needed for our company to become more successful in the future.It is important for us to see what has been done, what results we have achieved, what needs to be improved or changed. It’s such a serious approach allows us to remain a leader in its field and to be “one step ahead”. This time, the “strategic” weekend of March 22 and 23 was the most productive for all employees. А strategic session took place!

The first day was devoted to the results of 2018: teams of various departments and directions shared their results and new tools, the implementation of which helped to fulfill the goals and implement complex tasks. Everyone knows that it is easier to achieve ambitious goals with a high level of cross-functional work. And the presentation of working results of all departments of the company allows employees to assess and use the opportunities that exist in the company more widely.

The second day was devoted to plans for 2019: what are the focus tasks facing our company, what goals are planned. We also discussed the tools by which we can achieve maximum results.

And, of course, the results of the annual motivational program “Lider” for sales representatives were announced. The struggle was very tense, the leaders changed from quarter to quarter, and the final scores were quite small.

Congratulations to our best sales representatives for the year 2018:

– Viktor Ivanov (Minsk region) took first place and won the trip as a gift.

– Golovko Inna (Grodno region) won the second place and received IPhone XS.

– Makhon Vladislav (Vitebsk region) took third place and received a large plasma LG UHD TV

Thanks to all employees of the company for the incredible dedication and professionalism! ALT is proud of you! Our strength and success – in our professional and cohesive team!