The quest “Demining office ALT”

The morning of February 23 in our company began with the “sad” news: the office is “mined”! Fortunately, this news was only a little part of an exciting quest for our “strong half” of office. Then, over the next few hours, they had to solve a lot of riddles and save all their colleagues from impending danger!

To deactivate the “explosive device”, it was necessary to perform different tasks of various directions, find a small suitcase and choose the right combination by stopping the counter. All teams showed perseverance, excitement and efficiency. But, the victory went to the most dexterous and resourceful!

The ALT office organized “festive” lunch in “AntiHLS” style, to replenish energy after energy-consuming quest and experienced emotions. Because, there is nothing to return peace of mind as quick as a double cheeseburger, pizza, a sense of accomplishment and the pleasant company of colleagues!

We congratulate all defenders. Wish you to achieve goals, success, also personal and professional victories, love and warmth!