AGU SMART party: devirtualization!

On August 22, the presentation of our AGU brand devices for professional bloggers and celebrities took place. We are happy to open a new meeting format, “SMART AGU party”, for offline communication with everyone who reads and knows about us from various online sources!

In the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant “Bistromaniya”, our guests in practice tested their favorite devices of the AGU brand: they learned how to tame sunrises and sunsets through the SMART lamp AGU Sunny: learned  to save such “expensive” parental time with the help ofthe AGU Bubbly Multifunctional Electric Kettle, 5 in 1 AGU Octopy children food preparing processor and  AGU SMART machine for preparing infant formula.

All participants of the meeting got acquainted with AGU devices, learned about the amazing application that is the “heart” of our brand, and also became participants of the “How to take the right photos” workshop at the workshop of talented photographer Lina Kivak. The evening turned out to be inspiring and very pleasant, for which many thanks to all the mothers and fathers present.

We plan to make the “SMART AGU party” a constant and very enjoyable practice. Join now!