ALT + #Papeslet: formula of great weekend for the whole family!

On July 22 and 23 in the entertainment park Dreamland took place the grandiose family festival for big and little men #Papslet: a huge number of photozones, interactive programs and activities, a chill-out zone, good music and summer mood – an event left a lot of bright impressions! We couldn’t miss such festival and, of course, have taken the most active part in it: the AGU brand which acted as the organizer of two actions within the event became our representative on #Papslet.

The baby-yoga AGU brought together small and large lovers of outdoor activities. A talented Ekaterina Stepanenko became the teacher and “guide” to the world of harmony with yourself and your body. In the process everyone found for himself something interesting and had a great time with the whole family!

We also held the first PAPAiskatelny AGU championship among fathers, fathers and daddies. 16 fathers by means of real metal detectors checked their intuition in action (and at the same time, and luck) and within an hour tried to find the maximum number of “gold” coins hidden in the park. Coins – were found, the winner was determined, and all participants received an endless charge of positive energy and pleasant gifts

With ALT there’s no way around it!