Minsk Half Marathon 2019

Minsk Half Marathon has become a brilliant and long-awaited event for Minsk in a few years. For our company, the Half Marathon is already a tradition; we missed only its very first start. Year by year, our team gets larger. Our friends join us: partners and customers. We grew from a small team of 15 to a team of more than 200 people. This year we were among the five largest teams of the Half Marathon!

We not only take part in the race, but also monitor the health of other participants. Six pressure measurement zones were organized so that everyone could measure blood pressure before and after the race, and also make sure that everything is normal!

It is wonderful that the idea of a healthy lifestyle is popularized thanks to this event as the Minsk Half Marathon. For us, this is a large-scale event related to the mission that we carry to the masses. The main goal of ALT is to offer, promote and introduce the most advanced technologies in the field of health protection and improving the quality of human life. It is important for us to implement this philosophy not only through our work, but also by the direct participation of “here and now” in the life of the city and its events.