Electronic baby scales with stadiometer Wally

Electronic baby scales with stadiometer for newborns: accuracy matters!

In the first few months after the birth of a child, it is especially important to control weight change – this indicator can tell a lot about the health of the newborn. The company ALT takes care of the future, and promotion of innovative and high-quality devices for children, those very little people in whom our future is hidden is one of the company’s priorities. The new product of the Swiss AGU brand, electronic baby scales with stadiometer AGU WALLY is the modern solution for control of dynamics of weight and growth changes.


The process of weighing the baby becomes absolutely easy and simple, and exact and reliable data will always be at hand: after each weighing they will be automatically added to the mobile application specially developed by the AGU brand – convenient and functional.

The AGU scales help parents to monitor the correct weight, height and development of the newborn, and when this is about a baby – accuracy matters!