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AGU – Advanced Growing Up®



AGU brand’s mission

The Brand aims at development of innovative devices for infants which, owing to the state-of-the-art technologies, facilitate to the baby’s comfort, easing young parents’ life and broaden the horizon of living with a newly-born.

AGU offers innovative solutions for the infants and kids care which are represented by a smart-system consisting of the cutting-edge  devices accompanied by a user friendly app.

The family life changes as a child is born.  It opens new horizons, new understanding of love, as well as new responsibilities, fuss and bother. The innovation technologies have changed the process of baby care. AGU facilitates the baby’s comfort, reduces the parents household load and shows another way of living with a newly-born.

The AGU devices are created specially for children; they are designed in Switzerland; their quality is proved by the international certificates. Babycare together with child’s growing up have never been so easy, baby care has never been so enjoyable!

Unique technologies

AGU innovation system

Innovation technologies remarkably impact baby care. AGU offers more comfort for a baby and less routine for parents as well as new opportunities to improve and enrich every-day life. Ergonomical, reliable, intuitively-clear and user-friendly products, as well as a mobile app  facilitate to simplification of every-day care making it enjoyable.

ALT и AGU – Advanced Growing Up®

AGU is a regular participant of summer events for kids and parents (TOY DAY, Vulitsa Ezha, Pasternak etc). Parents with their kids can take part in outdoor baby yoga classes. The trainings are held by high-profile and certified yoga and kid-fitness coaches.

AGU is a belarusian partner of Dr. Komarovsky – the most famous pediatrician in the CIS.

We often organize workshops to maintain contact with our customers as well as to offer them an opportunity to consult our specialists.