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Playgro, an Australian brand,  specializes at producing developmental toys for infants.

Playgro’s mission: create innovative toys for infant development while playing.

The idea of the Playgro infant developmental toys was inspired in 1992 in Austarlia. The founders, parents by the way, following the kids’ growing-up and playing, their interests and development decided to create “the right” toy for comprehensive and all-around infant development.
The brand-name is derived from the English ”play” and “grow”. That reflects the Company’s philosophy: to create stylish toys for healthy grow and effective development of an infant, applying innovation scientific technologies and high-profile design.

Unique technologies

How are the Playgro toys created?

The Playgro team scrupulously designs each model basing on the up-to-date academic researches: it can be seen in the structure, development components and even the toy’s mood. The Company also takes into consideration the mums’ opinion – the opinion of the leading experts in childcare. Each toy contains over 20 developmental elements: cloth of different types and colors, plastic details of different shape and texture, bright ornaments, prints. The toys production is a complicated process. The ends justified the means. Infants see a high-quality toy, which may draw their attention for long.


Playgro — approved quality and care, ensuring the best for kids!

For years Playgro has been winning Mother & Baby AWARDS in nominations  Best Developmental Mat and Best developmental toy for infants  aged 0-12 month.

For 25 years Playgro has been the model of a family business which Australians are proud of and which products are sold in more than 100 countries.