AGU: modern technologies for moms, dads and children

Technologies are developing rapidly, creating more and more various options for a comfortable life. For our company, it is very important that these technologies do not remain “distant” and inaccessible for use, but become an integral part of it. Therefore, in the line of brand AGU replenishment – two new gadgets, just for the comfort of parents and children! Meet:

“Smart” multifunctional electric kettle AGU Bubbly:

If you heard from friends or read somewhere that kettle prepared yogurt for a baby, cooked carrots, sterilized bottle or heated formula, do not be surprised, this is all our miracle kettle! The device, which combines all the functions necessary for the preparation of healthy food for the child:

  • Heated water for baby food / milk formula (1°C step);
  • Maintain the water temperature within the required temperature for 24 hours!;
  • Heated baby bottles and jars with baby food;
  • Boiling water;
  • Sterilization;
  • Steam cooking;
  • Cooking yogurt.

Heart-conducive processor for preparing children’s meals 5 in 1 AGU Octopy:

Thanks to this wonderful device, healthy baby food can be prepared independently. The main thing is that you can cook it quickly and easily! It will do everything:

  • defrost, if you want to defrost;
  • will steam, using 2 modes, if you want to cook;
  • grind using a blender with 2 speed settings if you need to grind;
  • keep food warm for 1 to 8 hours if you have any plans or simply for the future;
  • heats bottles, baby food, sterilizes;
  • turns on the self-cleaning mode and removes scale in the water tank (to permanently conquer your heart).

The AGU devices make your life more comfortable!