First aid is a skill that can save a life!

Active Life Technology works with many brands. And, each of them is called to bring benefits, improve the quality of life of people and save their health. The main value of our company is daily care for people.

Another important aspect of caring for people is the provision of first aid to a person who is in a critical situation.The ability to provide first aid is an elementary, but very important skill. He can save the life of a relative, friend or ordinary passerby in an emergency.

Throughout October, Active Life Technology organized a two-day training for employees on the topic “First Aid”. Teachers are professionals and representatives of the “Belarusian Red Cross Society.”

Training is based on interactive practical exercises using simulation equipment and modelling of possible emergencies. This allows you to work out the rules of first aid in practice and work on the mistakes that can be made. Employees study many important and, unfortunately, common situations in everyday life: loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, heart attacks, strokes, fractures, wounds, burns and other injuries, epilepsy attacks and much more.

After training, according to the reviews of employees, they gained great confidence in their actions in cases where it is necessary to provide first aid. And, of course, they mastered the necessary knowledge, which in the future will help to quickly respond and adapt to extreme situations.

After the training and successfully passing the exam, our employees receive a certificate of the “Belarusian Red Cross Society”, as well as a state certificate on the results of training.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the staff of the “Belarusian Red Cross Society” and the “Territory of Assistance” organization for providing first aid training.