New innovative device for moms and kids


The brand AGU presents its new innovative device for moms and kids – a machine for fast and correct automatic preparation of infant formula AGU HAPPY SHAKER. Everyone will be exactly happy – both moms and children! We forget about lumps, tiring night preparations of the infant formula, preparation of the infant formula for the fifth time in a day, once again about lumps … and read about what HAPPY SHAKER AGU can do!

• Prepares the infant formula very quickly – from 4 to 25 seconds!
• “Knows” correct proportions and temperature at any time of the day or night.
• Scans a bar code of infant formula milk (on the packaging) – our HAPPY SHAKER knows how and what to cook!
And it is easily controlled from a smartphone or manually and is easy to clean.

Your child will not feel the difference, but you are exactly!