Strategic Session – 2018

Annually our company holds a Strategic Session to discuss the results over the past year, as well as to plan and present the strategy for the next year. It facilitates all emploee’s awareness of the goal and expectations, as well as tools to be used. The Strategic Session guides the company to a certain goal.

We are deeply convinced that only the solutions which have been discussed together  may provide us effective tools and innovative ideas which will lead us to top position. That is the way the Strategic Session as of March, 30 and 31 was held. On the 1st day we discussed the results regionwise: teams from each region (Brest, Grodno, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk) presented their reports, suggested new tools and unusual findings, discussed the solutions for the bottlenecks emerged last year.

We certainly owe the commited and goal-oriented team members for the achievement of year 2017. We annualy award – within the Strategic Session – the leading sales representatives. The top of the chart had been changing until the awarding. In  the end we have the following:

3rd place: Daria Evdokimova was awarded with Company’s gratitude and an ‘applish’ tablet Apple iPad!

2nd place: Marina Spiridonova was awarded with Company’s gratitude and an Apple Macbook Air!

1st place: Vlad Makhon’ was awarded with Company’s gratitude and a tour for two to the sunny Greece: the productive year should end up with a productive time-off!

We have set new goals and expect new achievements!