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Understanding life


NUK’s mission

Firstly, it is vital to listen and understand to produce ultimate goods for mothers and children

NUK. Understanding life.

Understand life: what does in stand for? NUK finds it as maintaining a close contact with professionals – gynecologists, physicians, dietitians, parents – who have the expertise in how to treat a newly-born. The best solutions NUK has found in nature: the shape of the dummies and teats simulate woman’s nipple during breastfeeding.

But the main thing to be mentioned is that “understand life” means to meet the needs of the most important group of people – kids. NUK carries out scrupulous researches, analyzing all the stages of their lives to adapt the produced goods. All NUK’s products have the same concept: to ensure that the parents think they do their best for their children since the first day.

Unique technologies

NUK — the ultimate orthodontic shape of a soother.

In 1956 German dental health experts, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Balters and Dr. med.  Adolf Müller, basing on the numerous clinical researches invented  an asymmetrically shaped teat, which was modelled looking like mother’s nipple during breastfeeding by shape.

The asymmetric shape oh the teat is practically similar to a woman’s nipple shape during breastfeeding. Sucking a NUK’s teat engages the same lip, jaw, tongue muscles which are needed for breastfeeding. Thus, maintaining the natural movement, NUK teats facilitate  to the right occlusion and dento-facial organ formation.

All NUK products undergo   a strict quality management.

The producer monitors the complete production cycle from the ingredients origin to the packaging. In Germany the production undergoes testing by the independent Fresenius Institute which requirements are much stricter than the state standards.

Since the very beginning of production NUK’ experts have been studying the impact of the products on babies. The NUK’s products are the ones to be marked by Central Research Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery and recommended to organize the bottle feeding of the newly-born naturally.


The NUK’s products have gained a world’s credence. The trademark has won numerous prizes and awards which confirm NUK’ being an outstanding brand for children.

In 2016 NUK won  the BRANDS OF THE CENTURY – GERMAN STANDARDS  award. It symbolizes that NUK – inspired by nature – stays in the hearts of those who once tried it.


ALT actively participates in different events for mothers:

  • Organizing swaddling zone offering comfortable conditions for diaper change as well as to change the breastfeeding pads to the NUK’s ones for free.
  • Educational programs for the pregnant; product samples distribution for testing NUK’s products.