ALT & Microlife: distributors meeting

At the end of April, representatives of our company attended a very important event – a meeting of Microlife distributors, which was attended by companies representing the brand in the markets of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. At the conference, the innovative developments of the Swiss brand Microlife were presented, which were described by the product manager of the company Ramona Stecher. Also, a contribution to the presentation about unique technologies that are used only for BP сuff, nebulizers and thermometers was introduced by Gerhard Frick, the company’s chief engineer.

It is important to say that Microlife is one of the few companies in the world, which in its research relies on technological developments, including BP сuff. For example, Mr. Frick introduced to the world new unique functions that not only with Swiss exactingness guarantee perfect measurement accuracy, but also save lives. The world does not stand still, and ordinary household deshould no longer just measure pressure, it is time to move on. Our team was once again convinced that Microlife is the world leader in introducing innovative technologies into home medical devices, setting the tone and developing the entire home health care market.

Of course, Active Life Technology did not stand aside and presented to the colleagues from other countries its rich experience in the Belarusian market. Unique devices that serve the health of people require a special approach to sales and promotion, and we managed to impress the demanding public with a competent and systematic approach. We presented the PR-project “In one measurement”, which is as unique in its kind as the devices it promotes. The project was highly appreciated both by the management of Microlife and by colleagues from other countries. All participants of the meeting noted that it is unprecedented and innovative.

Thanks to our achievements, as well as unique promotion strategies, at the end of 2017 Active Life Technology was awarded the “Best Distributor in Eastern Europe” award. And this is definitely a very important victory for the whole team! Thanks to the constant desire of each employee to move forward, the results of our work are highly appreciated by the leadership of the Microlife brand.

Of course, the achievement of existing heights, the position of the leader of the Microlife brand on the Belarusian market would be impossible if we did not have in our hands devices with precise and unique technologies, innovative and, of course, high-quality!

We are waiting for new victories!