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Microlife is a world-known Swiss developer and producer of medical equipment for  home use.

Our mission is to inspire the control over your own health!

Today, Microlife is one of the world’s leaders offering high-quality digital blood pressure monitors, thermometers and inhalators occupying a noticeable share of the market. Owing to the patented technologies and the cutting-edge Microlife devices people worldwide  may learn accurate and precise information about their own health.

The Companies Research & Development centers, based in Switzerland, Germany and the  USA, gathering leading experts from different countries, are engaged into developing of up-to-date technologies and launching new models.

Microlife applies advanced principles of quality management both in the production and  new product development. The Company provides a wide servicing network: it has placed its branches and warranty service centers in the majority of countries including Belarus. It helps Microlife understand the  demands of any customer.

Unique technologies

AFIB technology

The Microlife blood pressure monitors are produced with the embedded AFIB technology which offers an early detection of blood-stroke risk (Atrial fibrillation, to be exact)

  • Early detection of blood-stroke risk factors – Atrial fibrillation
  • Similar to electrocardiography examination, high precision of Atrial fibrillation detection
  • Unique technology which has been developed, patented and launched to production by Microlife Corp.

Atrial fibrillation is the most widespread type of arrhythmia caused by a wide range of diseases.

An early detection of Atrial fibrillation is the most effective way to prevent heart attack and blood stroke and maintain good health!

MAM technology

Microlife Average Mode ensures high reliability by analyzing the results of 3 measurements carried out during less then 3 minutes in the automatic mode. This measurement method meets the WHO requirements to fix the average of at least two measurement outputs. Microlife has developed and patented the special algorithm which requires only one push of the button to make the device carry out measurement thrice (or more, if necessary) to provide a clinically accurate result. The MAM technology simplifies blood pressure measuring and makes it easy even for the seniors not compromising the results accuracy.

PAD technology

The PAD technology (Pulse Arrhythmia detection) enables to detect irregular heartbeats while measuring the blood pressure providing accurate measurements of the arterial pressure.

The arterial pressure results may be distorted due to arrhythmia.

Microlife has developed and patented the outstanding PAD technology ensuring accurate blood pressure measuring  despite any pulse irregularities.

Also a special icon displayed on the blood pressure monitor informs about arrhythmia.

IMT technology

The pumping technology. Some users find measuring painful and uncomfortable due to its long duration (affects people with low pain threshold). The IMT technology significantly reduces the measuring time by up to a half, providing an accurate result not influenced by any stress and pain making the procedure comfortable for the user.

GENTLE PLUS technology

This technology, based on the FuzzyLogic technology, is aimed at making the arterial pressure measuring more comfortable.

The pressure monitor does not overpump the cuff making the result more precise owing to less painful impact.

As the cuff is being pumped, the monitor not only measures the top pressure level but also constantly changes the speed of pumping, easing the discomfort and, therefore, offering a more accurate result. The blood pressure monitors with embedded Gentleplus technology make measuring as comfortable as possible.


Microlife products – winning numerous international awards

The Microlife blood pressure monitors are approved and recommended by the leading hypertonic associations of the world.

Microlife has been represented in Belarus over 20 years, being credited with the consumers’ calling it #1. Owing to it, in 2004 we were awarded with The Best Distributor Award by Microlife Corporation.

In 2007 Microlife won the Digital Blood Pressure Monitor #1 and the Digital Thermometer #1 Awards within the Belarussian professional contest The Choice of the Year.

In 2013 Microlife kept up the success winning in 3 nominations of the Choice of the Year Award: #1 Nebulizer, #1 Blood Pressure Monitor, #1 Digital Thermometer.

#1 Blood Pressure Monitor

In 2017 Microlife blood pressure monitors won a prominent award #1 Blood Pressure Monitor”. The Intellix company ,having analyzed the scope of the sales in Belarus over  a period 2015-2016,  gave this important title to the Brand. Our thank goes to the Belorussian consumers for choosing us!

#1 Inhalator

In 2017 Microlife inhalator won a prominent award #1 Inhalator. The Intellix company, having analyzed the scope of the sales in Belarus in over 2015-2016,  gave this important title to the Brand. Our thank go to the Belorussian consumers for choosing us!


All Microlife blood pressure monitors ensure High class accuracy of systolic and diastolic measuring in accordance with the BNS protocol.


The Microlife blood pressure monitors are the only ones to be marked by the International Design Association RedDot due to their innovative and unique design. In 2006,2010, 2012 and 2018 the International Design Association  awarded Microlife putting it in line with Apple and Mercedes.

ALT и Microlife®

Microlife usually takes part in large city and republican events that support healthy lifestyle. It has become a tradition to participate in the Minsk Half Marathon every year. In 2019 Microlife team entered the TOP-5 list of the largest teams, organized 6 thematic zones for measuring pressure and attractive photo zones.

Important values ​​of our company are taking care of people and promoting a healthy lifestyle. They are reflected in the philosophy of our team and our brands. The Swiss brand Microlife, which our company represents in Belarus, always tries to increase people’s knowledge how to prevent cardiovascular diseases and maintain their health. That is why in 2018 the Republican social project “In one dimension” was launched with the support of the Ministry of Health. Thanks to the project, Belarusians learned how to deal with stroke and what should be done to help themselves and their families.