Art Branch with NUK and Bubchen

New project – “Art Branches with NUK and Bubchen”. was created together with the brand of children’s accessories NUK and children’s cosmetics Bubchen

This project is a series of free creative master classes for future mothers, where each participant will find an interesting topic and spend time in a good company and with pleasure!

For many decades NUK and Bubchen brands have been caring for your kids, about their health and well-being. And as we know, the baby’s happiness directly depends on the mother’s happiness. And we want to make this period more enjoyable and filled with creativity! After all, pregnancy is the months that a future mother can devote to herself, “slow down” and do what was not enough time.

The project successfully started on December 19. The first master class was held in the art space, where future mothers created a picture frame for the first ultrasound image or any family photo in the Zentagle technique. The Zentagl drawing technique combines creativity, meditation and pleasure, which is very important for such a special period of life!

There are still a lot of pleasant art meetings ahead for future moms with NUK and Bubchen!