Rock Battle in Active Life Technology

Every year on February 23, the beautiful half of our company prepares congratulations for the most powerful, most professional and simply incredible men of Active Life Technology. We begin to think in advance all the details to make a cool and memorable greeting.

This year we wanted to add drive and energy that day, so we had a real Rock Battle. A whole tour was organized for rock bands, the participants of which were our men. Like real rockers, they had their fans who took autographs, and also had the opportunity to earn serious royalties for their performances.

Each rocker could play electric guitars and drums, to participate in dance battles and even show real musical class in virtual reality.

We also had the cool DJ PAVEL, who held master classes and discovered the secrets of a new musical direction. By the way, this wonderful DJ was a real surprise and the hero of the day, because he turned out to be our employee.
We are always happy to cook on February 23, because we want this day to be remembered and the holiday turned out to be bright!