Microlife – is a brand №1 for doctors and pharmacists

Active life Technology pays much attention to informing physicians about the technology of AFIB diagnostic function in the Microlife tonometers, intended for the detection of atrial fibrillation. This topic does not lose its relevance, as every year patients with a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation become more and more.

Representatives of our company constantly take part in medical conferences, communicating directly with doctors. This is an opportunity to discuss current issues and modern treatment methods, as well as exchange experiences.

At the beginning of this year, January 16, 2020, representatives of our company participated in regional scientific-practical seminar. The topic was: “Organization of team work of a general practitioner with the goal of preventing and treating socially significant diseases: work on mistakes.” All this was organized for the doctors of Gomel and Gomel region.

At this event, our representatives worked at the information stand, telling the participating doctors in detail about the unique new Microlife technologies. We talked with more than 80 doctors from all over the Gomel region. It was important to know about Microlife’s news especially to those doctors who work in remote areas of our country. Now they have all the information about AFIB technology – a diagnostic function in Microlife blood pressure tonomters, intended to detect atrial fibrillation. And they can recommend their patients devices with the latest technology, thereby preventing severe complications of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The result of our constant work in informing doctors and pharmacists about the modern technologies used in the Microlife tonometers was the first place for the Microlife brand in the rating of brands in the category “Medical equipment” according to the results of the survey of 1500 pharmacist and doctors of the Republic of Belarus! The survey was conducted by Farmbonus in December 2019.

The recognition of professionals always inspires us in our work.

Thanks for your choice!