Dr. Komarovskiy & AGU

March, 29, the concert hall Minsk hosted a remarkable lecture by Dr. Komarovskiy who is considered to be one of the  most well-known and influential pediatricians, respected by millions of parents worldwide. We couldn’t ignore the event that’s why our team actively participated in the event. Topical issues of children’s health and development were touched upon during the lecture.

During the event our team presented a video about the AGU Smart Natural Light Lamp which compensates for the lack of sunlight,  truly a personal “sun” in your home. We also demonstrated the way it works. All guests who visited our exhibition stand could consul the expert and learn that the lamp is unique and really a must!

We also hold a give-away of an AGU Smart Natural Light Lamp. Each visitor could participate!

We are always glad to present you our new products!