“Family Territory” is a meeting for future parents

A spring meeting “Family Territory” was held for future parents On April 14. It is an informational and educational project for young parents and those who are waiting for the baby. During the meeting, specialists in the field of gynecology and pediatrics shared useful information regarding preparation for childbirth, breastfeeding, infant care and other important topics.

ALT team was also invited to the event. Our staff conducted a presentation on AGU products. The AGU smart indicator was introduced for the first time. Our device immediately interested future parents. It can continuously and accurately control the temperature of the child and give a signal in time if the changes are significant or occur quickly. Young parents were actively interested in our other products, consulted on the specifics of their application and use.

The ALT team is always happy to accept invitations for participation in such projects. We are proud that parents trust our brands and choose high-quality products for the health of their babies!