“Girl power” in the ALT company

50% of our company’s employees are girls, 50% of our company’s success are girls, and 50% of victories, strength and intelligence are our wonderful, strong and talented girls! Moreover, we appreciate our “female half» of ALT not only for beauty and charm but also for their strength and mind. We remember this every day but celebrate International Women’s Day especially actively.

Since the morning, our beautiful women were waiting for congratulations, flowers and, of course, a very tangled quest! The girls had to go through a series of difficult tasks in order to get the game bonus in the form of a tulip. When a bouquet of flowers was collected, each team received the key to the chest, where the coveted prize was kept. The “girl power” was shown in a full strength: the most difficult tasks were completed, dexterity was shown and cunning was connected. Our men were “spectators” who watched over us and were very proud of. Spring holiday gave a great mood to the whole company!

ALT congratulates all women on March 8! We wish you love, inspiration, harmony and balance, development and new victories in all spheres of life!