Paintball is a game which unites!

Here is one of the facts about ALT: our team is practically a family with whom we want to spend time together, communicates, and creates common impressions and emotions. One of the confirmations to this is the end of the week, Friday, and the whole team of the sales department goes to paintball. There is one reason: there is no desire to leave favourite colleagues.

The sales representative, Natalia Kostyuchenko, shared her impressions of the game and answered the main question: “Who has won, blue or red?”.

“We plunged into an atmosphere of excitement and team spirit thanks to a game in paintball. Before the game we were given out equipment: camouflage suit, face mask, girls – bulletproof vest, and, of course, the main – weapons. Divided into two teams: red and blue. Ahead there were different scenarios, different strategies – we tried everything!

The game was gambling and exciting, at the same time united us even more! To run, develop a strategy, surround rivals, hide in ambush … Adrenaline is boiling in blood, and so you want your team to win (of course, the Red team won) despite everything. And when you won the game – the feeling, as if you won a whole battle! It was a real energy boost, which will be enough for us for a long time!”