The story of one Baltic journey ALT: 4 days, 5 countries, a lot of impressions!

Values are our guideline in life, each person has them. In our opinion, it is very important that the values of a person coincide with the values of the company in which he works. Then Man and Company together, seriously and for a long time.

In ALT everything is exactly the same, and for several years now the company has had a program “Our values are our victory”. This program lasts a whole year, during which any employee can send an example of the manifestation of the company’s values by any of his colleagues. The program ends in May, and owners of the brightest examples receive impressive gifts.

This year the prize was a trip to the Baltic countries and Scandinavia! Incredibly intense 4 days of our life! We managed everything and a little more. It seemed that the trip lasted at least a month, so it turned out to be filled with impressions, emotions and energy. Add to this the company of your favorite colleagues and get a great trip!

We visited 5 cities: visited Riga, Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn, managed to call in Jurmala, and now we want to share our impressions!

Frolov Alexey, advertising specialist:

Such bright cities, interesting excursions, the Baltic Sea, the ferry trip – absolutely everything was pleasant!

But most of all I was impressed by Stockholm. Especially the Stockholm Museum of the ship “Vasa” – the only sailing ship of the 17th century in the world. Very impressive! Old Town is most remembered in Tallinn. This city was extreme in our journey, and in spite of the fact that we were already a bit tired, the city seemed cozy and very conducive to walking. My colleagues and I found a cozy cafe somewhere inside the Old Town and enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of Tallinn.

Many thanks to the company for the opportunity to make such an unforgettable journey in the circle of the colleagues!

Pyanova Olga, commercial representative (Gomel):

All cities were beautiful and unique. Riga remains for me a modern style city. Helsinki was a surprise not so much becouse of the architecture, which is so similar to St. Petersburg, as  becouse of the standard of living and income of the residents of Finland. Tallinn turned out to be the most emotional and reminded me of the Middle Ages … It seemed that we were about to meet the ladies in lush dresses and chic hairstyles, and a carriage would ride along the next street. Stockholm, about this extraordinary city that won my heart … Gingerbread houses and old cozy streets and stone paths. And, of course, the most unusual sight of Stockholm is the metro, which is more like a cave.

Separately, I want to write a few words about our wonderful transport – ferry! Between all countries we moved exactly on them. The ferries transported not only several thousand passengers, but also buses, cars … Think about the number: several thousand … For the first time in my life I visited such an impressive structure. To say that it is huge, immense – to say nothing. It’s just “Skyscraper on the water.”

This is such a small story of some great weekends, emotions and impressions from which will long be floating in my memory.