“Winner’s strategy”: move to a new level of negotiations.

The focus on learning and development is one of the important priorities of our company. Constant advancement, new knowledge and “powerleveling” of existing competencies are an absolute part of our life in the ALT.

Another step in this direction was an interesting and non-standard training on the tactics of negotiations “Winner’s strategy” (the program of Sergey Shein within the framework of the IPM business school), which our employees underwent for three months. This training, in addition to the theory blocks, as well as homework, included a very interesting practical part, which took place in the format of “negotiation fights.” Thanks to this format, the participants were able to test and try various negotiation techniques, to identify the most effective ones for themselves. Below you can get acquainted with the emotional but at the same time meaningful reviews of our employees who have been trained:

Valeria Novak, the specialist in work with key clients:

“Thanks to the “Winner’s Strategy” training, I met successful experts in various fields, I was able to learn from their valuable experience in the negotiations. The main principle of the training: “All life is negotiation.” Training helps to develop the potential of each of the students. After the fights, I discovered new tools that I would gladly use in my work! Thank you for the effective time! ”

Denis Khandogiy, medical representative:

“The main goal with which I came to the training was the development of practical skills and techniques for solving problems in the negotiation process, as well as the development of skills to counter pressure and covert manipulations in tough negotiations.

The beauty of fights is that you can accumulate a tremendous experience here in a very short time! I saw from the side the implementation of various strategies that other people use: someone is extremely strong, someone is original, someone is academically flawless, and someone is childishly spontaneous. It was informative and extremely helpful! ”

ЕEkaterina Popucheeva, manager of the department:

“Learning really gives a lot, changes your view on negotiations. The most important thing I learned from this training is a great store of knowledge and confidence in my skills.

Throughout the entire training phase, we went through competitive strategies, thanks to which I now clearly understand what strategy is used in relation to me and what I can do myself in order to achieve maximum results. Now I am clearly convinced that there is always a winner and a loser. After training, I had absolute self-confidence and as a result, to which I will come, as well as a great desire to realize all my acquired skills in the professional sphere. ”

Training in ALT always corresponds to the real needs of employees, aimed at their development and the achievement of common goals of our company. That is why we are market leaders!