World of Childhood – 2018

March, 29 and 30,  our team participated in the international trade-fair World of Childhood – 2018. The exhibition pavilion BelExpo hosted the largest forum for children’s goods and services engaging the leading businesses in the sphere: producers of games and toys, clothing, childcare goods, goods for preparation for motherhood, goods for breastfeeding mothers, children healthcare and many other useful products!

Within the trade fair we held a lecture on New technologies for newborn care. We discussed the innovation devices for childcare, usefulness and capacity of the AGU products while our experts gave consultations to the guest. We had also organized a swaddling zone brought by NUK and Bubchen  to ensure comfort for the young mothers. The zone was popular among the visitors – it facilitated comfort to 500 mothers is such a public place.

We could not help giving-away our branded goods: March, 29 we announced the winners to receive useful gifts by our company – an AGU contact-free thermometer, NUK and Bubchen kits.