The season of active summer activities with ALT!

ALT opens the next season of participation in the summer activities for the whole family! And the weekend that passed on May 19-20 was very active and intense for us: we managed to take part in three different events.

To begin with, we decided to organize a small trip for ourselves and went to Gomel, where within the framework of the republican congress “MAMA PRO” we discussed important questions about pregnancy planning, various aspects of pregnancy management, dietary habits, actions of parents in emergency situations, development and opportunities that exist in Gomel for parents and children. It was very pleasant to meet online with those parents from Gomel, with whom we communicate in the social networks of our brands NUK and Bubchen, as well as to acquire new, certainly, pleasant acquaintances. The event aroused great interest; the visitors of the congress paid a lot of attention to our brands, which is very pleasant!

Another important event, where another part of our team took part, was the meeting of future parents “Happiness inside.” We had the pleasure of talking in an informal atmosphere with the future mothers and present our “miracle” machine for preparing the AGU infant formula, and discussed all the exciting issues together with the experts. And last but not least, we just had a great and “useful” time at the most interesting event, in which we participate on an ongoing basis!

Among other things, we also managed to hold an active and beloved by all our company event – BABY-yoga AGU, opening the season of summer activities for kids in Minsk together with Mamslet! We are always looking forward to the summer season and are happy to join this event. “Mamslet” always collects a lot of active children and their equally active parents, therefore it is always nice to be a part of this event. This time was no exception, a lot of children’s laughter and sincere smiles delighted us for two days.

Let such an active weekend for our company be more!